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Lady of Light by Diane Wakoski


My name, Diane, declares

Moon Goddess, it too an oxymoron

as I control nothing,

not tides, or madness, not lovers,

or night blooming flowers. My name,

like so many names,

extravagantly, ironically, belies my organic or

celestial natures.

— from “Sea Thrift & Gorse”

April 1

found on our driveway

like a feather dropped

by a crow

8 of spades,

a playing


we played Crazy Eights, slapping

cards or holding them

as if they were birds that might fly

out of our hands

decades ago, in our childhood

like the translucent, whirling,

image I imagine, prismatic and phosphorescent —

a murmuration of starlings swooping

and iridescent

But it dissolved onto a grey wall, undecorated

/ glimpses of us wearing our

velvet Sunday best dresses, yours

usually crimson, mine blue

— from “And Now She Has Disappeared in Water”

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Lady of Light cover-Wakoski.jpg